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Bring your dog in for an EXAM and  BLOODWORK during the month of MAY and receive:

A FREE ACCUPLEX ( Heartworm, Lyme, Ehrlicia and Anaplasma Blood Test) for    Dogs, a $74.99 Value, During May 2017 WITH the following Blood Tests ONLY:

Senior Comp
Senior Comp with K-9 Titers
General Senior Profile
General Senior Profile with K-9 Titers
Senior Profile 2
Senior Profile 2 with K-9 Titers

Protecting your dog from ticks is an important part of disease prevention. In fact, there are several diseases that can be transmitted to your pet from a tick bite. Some of the most common tick-borne diseases seen in the United States are Lyme Disease, Rocky Spotted F ever, Ehrlichiosis and Tick Paralysis.

Also called Borreliosis, Lyme disease is caused by the bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi. Deer ticks carry these bacteria, transmitting them to the animal while sucking its blood. The tick must be attached to the dog (or cat) for about 48 hours in order to transmit the bacteria to the animal’s bloodstream. If the tick is removed before this, transmission will usually not occur. Common signs of Lyme disease include lameness, fever, swollen lymph nodes and joints, and a reduced appetite. In severe cases, animals may develop kidney disease, heart conditions, or nervous system disorders. Oral antibiotics are used to treat Lyme disease. There is also a a vaccine for Lyme disease available for dogs (though there is currently none for cats). If you live in an area where deer ticks are endemic, you should have your dogs vaccinated yearly and keep your dog on tick preventative medicine ALL Year Long.

In addition if you buy a 12 Month supply of Heartgard with the Bloodwork your will receive a $12 Rebate Check.

Blood work MUST BE DONE BEFORE 12 NOON on May 31, 2017 to be eligible for the PROMO. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Call to schedule your appointment today. Please mention PROMO when  scheduling your appointment.

Cannot be combined with any other promotions.

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