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Easy contact for clients to reach us by email, phone or text at their convenience, even when the practice is closed.

Clients can access their pet’s basic records at the touch of a button, which is especially handy for the boarding kennel or groomer.

Clients can receive :

  • Hospital promotions or “hot deal” specials
  • Reminder to give monthly heartworm medication
  • Amber alert for lost pets in our community
  • Special announcements about our hospital

Clients can easily request appointments whenever it is convenient to them, which often isn’t when we are not  there to answer the phone. Each request is sent to our email account and so  we can follow up to secure the appointment.

Our  clients can send in orders to refill food and medications. And, if it’s easier, just upload a photo of the  product they need!

Reward our  clients with a loyalty rewards program. Each time they spend money, they earn a punch. Fill the card and next office visit they will have  a $100.00 credit on their account

Access to our online pharmacy,  a direct gateway into the on line store so  clients can shop easily.

All  of  our social media together in one place making it easier for our clients to engage with our practice.

A  link to our library which allows the client to  have a reliable place to look up information.