Our animal hospital was built in 2001, and was specifically designed to provide the most sophisticated technologies for the comfort and safety of all our patients. Step inside and you’ll notice the difference in the details!

It starts with clean air.

Our clients tell us our hospital doesn’t smell like an animal hospital. In fact, it doesn’t have a smell at all. That’s because the air throughout the facility is filtered and distributed through a four-zoned heating, venting and air conditioning system which not only keeps the air fresh, but helps prevent the spread of disease.

Each examining room and hospital area is vented individually to the outside, so that sick air is never redistributed inside.

Additionally, the air circulating in our boarding and grooming area is completely independent of the air upstairs in the hospital — just one more way we keep your pet healthy.

Clean floors are important

Bacteria can settle into crevices and seams in floors, so we built our hospital with poured epoxy flooring in hospital treatment areas to eliminate seams and to eliminate that problem. Add ceramic tile with antimicrobial epoxy grout, and a central vacuum system throughout the hospital, and you can see we’ve thought of everything.

Patient and Pet-Friendly Exam Rooms

Each exam room contains a television which allows us to play educational tapes for you and your pet while you’re waiting for test results or special care. Learn how to clip your pet’s nails while you wait, what to feed your avian or exotic pet, or watch videos to house train your new puppy, or litter train your new cat. An educated owner is the key to a happy, healthy pet.

A Modern, Dedicated Surgical Suite

Our surgical suite is equipped it with many technologies you’d expect in a human hospital: built-in oxygen and anesthesia access, as well as special filtration systems which eliminate anesthesia fumes and provide fresh clean air into the surgical area. Technology includes a pulse oximeter which continuously monitors patients’ blood oxygen levels.

On-site Laboratory for Faster Results

With our fully equipped, on-site lab we can provide rapid results for a complete range of diagnostic testing, including routine blood chemistry analysis, complete blood counts, viral and infectious disease testing, urine and fecal analysis, and dermatologic testing.

Dedicated Areas for Intensive Care Our hospital’s intensive care unit delivers comprehensive critical care to patients who require close monitoring and specialized services. Care is delivered in the main hospital treatment area, or in specially designated areas:

Isolation Ward
When pets have contagious illnesses or diseases, they receive special care in our isolation ward, which is continually vented directly outdoors, so air inside the hospital is never contaminated. Veterinary staff take special infection precautions when caring for contagious animals, including disinfecting their hands and arms on the way out, and changing outerwear to and from the isolation area.

Avian & Exotics Ward
Our Avian/Exotics ward has properly sized, safely designed heated cages and incubators for birds and reptiles who need special care.

Boarding and Grooming Facilities, At Your Service.

Our modern boarding facilities for cats and dogs, and our well-appointed grooming facility offer superior care with a lot of TLC.