Pets with healthy mouths live longer!

Bad breath is only one symptom of dental disease, but it’s the one most pet owners notice. Because animals have a higher threshold for tooth pain than humans do, it is possible that your pet has a problem without bad breath, and without your realizing it. That’s why checkups are important.


Regular dental care not only protects your pet’s oral health, but can prevent other illnesses which are caused by infection and poor oral hygiene. When we examine your pet at routine checkups, we always inspect the gums and teeth for signs of disease.

Depending on your pet’s oral health needs, we may recommend professional teeth cleaning, which is performed under anesthesia. We may also recommend the extraction any teeth which are causing your pet pain.

If dental health is satisfactory, we may recommend a routine of at-home brushing with pet toothpastes, use of drinking water additives. or the use of flavored dental chews which help remove tartar and plaque naturally.


Of course, brushing your pet’s teeth at home is the best way to ensure good oral health for a lifetime. If you’ve never tried or are just out of practice, we can show you how! Simply brushing two to three times a week will help keep your pet’s teeth clean and his breath fresh and healthy!