Expert Diagnosis and Treatment – Delivered with TLC

Worrying about a sick or injured pet can be one of the most stressful things in life. You can count on us to go the extra mile to offer everything you and your pet need to feel more comfortable. With an experienced veterinary staff, a state-of the-art hospital, and convenient day, evening and weekend hours, we are here to provide expert care whenever your pet needs us.

For the majority of patients, our advanced in-house resources and veterinary services provide the necessary care for proper diagnosis and treatment. Whenever our patients require highly specialized care, we make referrals to the region’s best veterinary specialists.

We offer the following resources and capabilities for expert diagnosis and treatment of dogs, cats, and avian/exotic pets:

Digital X-Ray

Our digital X-ray capabilities allow us to take an x-ray of your pet and transmit it to the examining room within seconds for virtually instantaneously review by our doctors. Digital x-rays offer superior images that can be magnified and manipulated by our veterinarians to allow for more detailed views than ever before possible.

On-site Laboratory

With our fully equipped, on-site lab we can provide rapid results for a complete range of diagnostic testing, including routine blood chemistry analysis, complete blood counts, viral and infectious disease testing, urine and fecal analysis, and dermatologic testing.


High-quality ultrasound technology allows us to perform detailed, noninvasive evaluations of the abdominal organs of all species. All studies are performed in the office by appointment, and are performed by a highly experienced veterinarian who specializes in diagnostic ultrasound.

Cardiology and Cardiac Ultrasound

For pets with cardiac disease or related problems, we provide access to experienced specialty care through on-site consultations with a board-certified cardiac specialist by appointment. The goal is to identify the extent of a pet’s clinical disease and then improve cardiac function through the most apppropriate treatment options and interventions. Complete echocardiographic examinations including Doppler and Color flow technology are provided in our office.

Intensive Care Unit

Our intensive care unit delivers comprehensive critical care to patients who require close monitoring and specialized services.

Isolation Ward

When pets have contagious illnesses or diseases, they receive special care in our isolation ward, which is continually vented directly outdoors, so air inside the hospital is never contaminated. Veterinary staff take special infection precautions when caring for contagious animals, including disinfecting their hands and arms on the way out, and changing outerwear to and from the isolation area.

Avian & Exotics Ward

Our Avian/Exotics ward has properly sized, safely designed heated cages and incubators for birds and reptiles who need inpatient care.

Nebulization Therapy

For animals with respiratory problems including asthma, pneumonia and other infections, we provide nebulization therapy in a specially designed chamber which allows pets to relax and be monitored as treatment is administered. Nebulization is often used to decongest mucous from the lungs in pneumonia, to administer steroids and antibiotics, and to deliver albuterol to provide fast relief to pets who are in respiratory distress.

Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen therapy is administered to pets recovering from respiratory problems, trauma, surgery, or serious illness. The chamber provides an oxygen enriched environment that can be also programmed for temperature and humidity control. Ports for fluid lines and patient access allow doctors to administer other medications or fluids, simultaneously.

Intravenous Fluids

As in a human hospital, we utilize computerized IV fluid pumps which calculate a pet’s fluid requirements and ensure an optimal flow rate for IV medications and fluids. For smaller pets, and pets who are severely dehydrated, this technology ensures that the right volume of fluids is administered at an appropriate rate for the animal’s needs.

If overnight hospitalization is required, doctors and/ or technicians are not present during the overnight hours. My pet can be transferred to a 24 hour facility if I deem necessary.