A Healthy Pet is a Happy Pet.

Whether you have a 90 lb Great Dane or a 12-foot boa constrictor, the easiest and best way to have a healthy pet is to prevent problems before they start. Preventive care includes regular exams and checkups, as well as vaccinations, dentistry, and early detection of problems through routine health screenings. Find out more about what you should be doing to protect your Cats and your Dogs health each year.

Specialized Care for Special Pets

Rothman Animal Hospital has a 50-year tradition of excellence in the field of pet avian and exotic animal medicine. As the first facility in the area to offer veterinary care for birds, reptiles and exotic animal companions, we have a wealth of expertise in every area of their care.

Our Avian and Exotic veterinary services include preventive care, diagnostics, and a full range of medical and surgical services, including hospitalization.

Whether your pet walks, flies, slithers, swims, hops, crawls or swings through the trees, we have experienced veterinarians on staff to help you provide the best care.