Dr. Dixon and Dr. Javic are my favorite Doctors at this clinic. They saved my Yorkie’s life. Gizmo had the parvo virus and was only given a 20%-40% chance he was going to make it. Thank you to Dr. Dixon and Dr. Javic Gizmo is doing a lot better today. He has all his energy and appetite back and it’s only been a week! I will forever be grateful that you guys saved his life. I also want to say thank you to the entire staff and technicians who took care of my baby during his stay. I will definitely be back.

Yamalis Cassidy

They took such good care of my dog, Eisenhower, during his end of life issues. Working with the Veterinarians and Techs made the process easier.

Shawn Colborn

Great Animal Hospital. Very Professional and very Nice!!

Frankie Zee