Dr. Molly Dixon grew up on 26 acres of rolling farmland just outside Pittsburgh, PA where she discovered her veterinary calling early in life. As a child she nursed injured turtles, snakes, baby birds and orphaned squirrels back to health, took charge of the various family pets and volunteered countless hours at local rescue facilities. She earned her undergraduate degree in Neuroscience at Allegheny College with a focus on animal behavior and physiology.

While at the University of Pennsylvania Veterinary School, she continued to lend a hand at animal shelters and developed a strong interest in reproduction and pediatrics. Dr. Dixon also acquired significant experience in avian medicine at a wild bird rescue and rehabilitation center. There she learned to stabilize trauma patients, decontaminate oiled birds and determine the cause of death in a variety of species.

Upon graduation from Penn, Dr. Dixon received the Class Award for Achievement in Pathology, an area of medicine that she has always found fascinating. “In pathology, whether you’re analyzing skin cells or abnormal bloodwork, you’re like a detective looking for clues to identify what’s wrong with a pet. When you discover the answers, it is extremely gratifying,” she said.

An avid photographer, Dr. Dixon has utilized her skill with the camera to capture trips to Europe, South Africa and Alaska, as well as creatively document aspects of veterinary medicine and surgery.

Dr. Dixon lives in the Philadelphia suburbs with her family and pets. Her passions include cultivating flowers, plants, and vegetables in her backyard garden, and cheering on the Pittsburgh Steelers every fall.